deew morning deew
deew morning deew
deew morning deew

deew morning deew


Wake up with Morning Deew. Each pot is full of certified-organic cannabis sativa seed oil, vitamins and a blend of energizing essential oils designed to wake up your senses. Together with nourishing essential fatty acids designed to sink deep into the skin leaving it refreshed, incredibly moisturized and dewy.

Key ingredients:

+ Certified Organic Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil

+ Murumuru Seed Butter

+ Pure Argan Oil


+ Soothes and nourishes dry skin

+ Restores dull and irritable skin

+ Uplifts and energizes skin

How to use:

Use daily. Generously massage onto skin after bathing or during the day for an afternoon boost. Quick Tip: In your bathroom and/or on your desk, apply to wrists, temples and neck for soothing relief.



  • Awakening
  • Energizing
  • Uplifting