deew drops
deew drops
deew drops

deew drops


Say hi to dewy skin with Deew Drops. This skin calming facial oil is formulated with certified-organic cannabis sativa seed oil, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties designed to restore and brighten the skin. The lightweight, fast-absorbing, all-natural blend leaves skin highly nourished with a dewy glow.

Key ingredients:

• Certified Organic Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil (helps improve skin’s barrier, antioxidant, calming and soothing)

• Turmeric (antioxidant and anti-redness properties)

• Avocado Oil (fight wrinkles and environmental aggressors)


• Improves blemishes and redness

• Lightweight, fast-absorbing, while highly nourishing dry skin

• Brightens uneven skin tones and dullness

How to use:

Use daily and nightly. Massage 5-10 drops onto clean, dry skin.